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Hot Rod TV Episode: Box Car 57

It's been fifty years since Chevrolet introduced the '57 Bel Air, the model may well be the most highly regarded car of the decade. Now C.A.R.S. Inc. and Wheel to Wheel have teamed up to bring back this classic car loved by hot rodders around the world for the very first build of the Box Car 57. Air date to be announced.

Elite Car Builder. Wheel To Wheel

When CARS Inc. decided to build the first new 1957 Chevy with a new steel body since 1957 it had to be with a company that was truly great - and Wheel to Wheel certainly fits that bill. With a long list of cars built for celebrities such as Jay Leno and Dale Ernhardt, as well as long list of OEM Race Cars and Pace Cars. LEARN MORE

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